Providing physiotherapy services & treatments to Skipton, North Yorkshire, Lancashire and the surrounding areas

Paragon physiotherapy clinic skiptonphysiotherapy treatment room

Paragon Physiotherapy treats all manners of ailments, injuries, pains and joint problems from our clinic on Skipton High Street.

Paragon Physiotherapy was founded over 10 years ago.

Our clinic is at: 28 High Street, Skipton, BD23 1JZ

Our clinic at 28 High Street is in Skipton town centre where we perform our assessments and treatments including gait and running analysis. We also rehabilitate people who run for their sport, such as footballers, rugby players, racquet sports, hockey players, club runners etc. Part of this rehabilitation may involve Dynamic Movement Skills training, a unique rehabilitation methodology proven to improve your motor skills, coordination, balance, speed and agility.

Hydrotherapy Clinic @ Craven Fitness CentreHydrotherapy treatment skip ton

Hydrotherapy is available by Paragon Physiotherapy Ltd at Craven Fitness Centre, 
Gargrave Road, 
, BD23 1UD
Paragon Physiotherapy operates with exclusivity from the fitness centre and as a result can take advantage of the facilities there to use for strength and reconditioning programs in addition to injury or post-surgery rehabilitation
Few physiotherapy practices can claim hydrotherapy as one of their regular treatment modalities, but due to our exclusive link with Craven Swimming Pool we are able to use their warm training pool which features a unique system to adjust the depth of the water in seconds to suit individual therapy requirements. The pool has full disabled access including a lift into the pool for people with disabilities, which eliminates the need for uncomfortable hoisting.