Professional physiotherapy treatments for a wide range of conditions, injuries and problems

physiotherapy treatment room
Physiotherapists have a wide range of treatment types at their fingertips, all of which are effective at treating different conditions. However, some may be more appropriate than others for treating a particular problem at a specific stage in its development.
Kineso tape with theraband therapy
Your physiotherapist may also want to use several treatment types together or in sequence in order to progress you through your condition in a graded way so that your body can cope with what is being asked of it. At all times we will explain the treatment to you so you are reassured of the plan and can actively engage in helping your recovery.
gait & running analysis
In most treatment cases we will recommend an exercise program of some sort. This is to facilitate the recovery process and to get your body back to its usual movement pattern and strength. Our exercise programs are designed to get you back to full function and beyond if necessary, as fast as possible but without causing you additional problems along the way.
Biomechanical testing
To ensure as rapid a recovery as possible we generally like to see most of our clients once or twice a week to monitor their progress, advance their treatment and update their exercise program. This tried and tested pattern has an excellent track record for a safe progression to recovery from injury.

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