Dynamic movement therapy

Develop movement and power with our Dynamic movement training

Paragon Physiotherapy uses all the best techniques to get you back to sport quickly or to improve your speed, balance and agility to enable you to reach your full potential in your sport. To this end we often use Dynamic Movement Skills.
This is a training and rehabilitation methodology that stimulates your central nervous system and peripheral nervous system. This type of training develops new motor patterns in the brain to make your movement more efficient.
We use this methodology in conjunction with our running analysis & strength and conditioning programs.
Athletes often pick up bad habits and the better the athlete the more they will compensate for their bad habit. This results in injuries.
Rehabilitating an athlete of any standard often requires us to do this ‘movement re-patterning’ to improve their speed, power and acceleration. This does not necessarily come from strength but from the body having neuro-muscular efficiency, ie the firing sequence of the muscles. Therefore, in addition to normal rehabilitation we can focus on things that makes an athlete better, such as Explosiveness, turning ability and reaction times.