Neurodynamics therapy

Specialist Neurodynamics therapy and analysis for pain relief

What is Neurodynamics?

Neurodynamics is the way that your nerves move in your body. Yes, when you move your joints and muscles your nerves have to be able to move as well, unimpeded or restricted in any way.
If they cannot move freely then you can experience pain, numbness or ‘pin & needles’. When you have this restriction Adverse Neural Tension can result which will also limit your movements.
A physiotherapist can assess which nerves are restricted and where approximately along the nerve the problem is. Treatment can begin straight away and sometimes the results can be immediate with increased range of movement and reduced pain within minutes.
Back and neck pain along with other conditions such as tennis elbow, or simply having reduced movement around a joint can often led to a person developing Adverse Neural Tension.
We don’t need to stretch out the nerve as this can actually lead to damage. However, a physiotherapist can identify what is causing the problem and treat those areas to help restore nerve movement, which in turn will relieve your pain.