Hip and Buttock pain treatments

Possible physiotherapy diagnosis of your hip, groin or buttock pain and relevant treatments:

Hip, Groin & Buttock pain is complex due to the sheer number of structures which converge into this area. There are muscles from both the legs and the trunk, as well as ligaments and tendons, a complex ball and socket joint and many blood vessels and nerves passing into the legs and pubic area.

Some people may feel pain in the hip, groin, lower back, abdominals or legs . This is because the hip and groin ‘refer pain’, which is where pain experienced in one area of the body is actually generated in another region. It is important that referred pain is diagnosed correctly to ensure the correct treatment.

Physiotherapy has been shown to help hip and groin pain and can delay the need for surgery, physiotherapy is advisable, especially if the condition is not settling.

Your hip function can also be affected by lower limb bio-mechanics involving your knee, foot and ankle plus your thigh and calf muscles.

The successfully treated hip/groin pain and joint dysfunction relies upon a thorough examination of your:

  • entire lower limb (foot, ankle, knee and hip)
  • lumbar spine
  • pelvis and SIJ function and alignment
  • deep hip muscle control and activation patterns
  • middle and superficial hip muscle control, strength and function
  • deep abdominal, core and pelvic floor muscle control
  • upper thigh muscle length and strength (e.g. quadriceps, adductors, hamstrings and ITB)
  • neural tissue extensibility e.g. sciatic and femoral nerve
  • hip joint bio-mechanics as a whole and in isolation

Paragon Physiotherapy will provide for you a complete assessment, ensuring the initial cause of the problem is located, followed by a course of treatment that will both reduce your pain and ensure you have the knowledge to manage / alleviate future problems.

Examples of conditions we treat for pain in this area:

Sciatica, stress fracture, muscle strain, adductor tendinopathy, core stability deficiency, femoroacetabular impingement, groin strain, fibromyalgia, arthritis, hip labral tear, osteitis pubis, osteoporosis, overuse injuries, pinched nerve, piriformis syndrome, sacroiliac joint pain and trochanteric bursitis.

Paragon Physiotherapy provide a range of specialised assessments and treatments which include:

  • Ice / heat pack application
  • TENS (Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation)
  • Kinesio Taping
  • Soft tissue mobilization / stretching
  • Gentle range of motion (ROM) exercises
  • Progressive strengthening exercises
  • Postural training
  • Athlete-specific training program
  • Patient education
  • Gait/running analysis
  • Video analysis
  • Balance enhancement exercises