Elite Athlete physiotherapy

Physiotherapy for Elite and Club Athletes

We pride ourselves in looking after athletes from the initial diagnosis of your injury, right through your rehabilitation stages and getting back to your sport. Even If you are not injured we may be able to train you to improve in your sport.

Early diagnosis is important

The earlier we diagnose and treat an injury the more successful the outcome and the faster the return to sport. With this in mind we will endeavour to provide you with an appointment within 24 hours of you contacting us. If necessary we can offer out of hours and weekend appointments. When an injury is so bad you cannot get to us then we can come to you.

Specialist sports injury knowledge

As we have seen at the Olympics, physiotherapists are key to the success of all athletes, all teams have at least one physiotherapist. Elite sports athletes are always striving to improve and we can help you to beat your previous personal best performance with bespoke treatments and training programmes.

We know how important your sport is to you so whether we subject you to our gait and running analysis or decide to use kinesiology taping techniques you can be assured that through being involved with teams such as the GB Para Climbing Team we understand injury so you can be confident of our dedication to returning you to fitness.
With your permission, we are happy to discuss your progress and prognosis regarding your return to sport with your team manager throughout your treatment.
Maintaining your fitness is paramount to us. We can provide strength and conditioning programs specific for your sport as well as injury prevention advice which will help keep you injury free for the future.
Some of you may need to be retrained to run or rehabilitated to use your lower limbs properly again after an injury. To this end, In addition to normal physiotherapy treatments, we use Dynamic Movement Skills (DMS) rehabilitation methodology
DMS is proven methodology devised by Mike Antoniades, a world renowned sports coach, which stimulates the central nervous system and peripheral nervous system to refine and develop neuromuscular efficiency. This type of rehabilitation is known to change motor patterns and make movement more efficient. Your balance, speed and agility will improve resulting in greater movement confidence and competence.