British Para Climbing Team Success

Physiotherapy’s to the GB Para-Climbing Team

Due to our experience working with people with sporting injuries and people with disabilities, Paragon Physiotherapy are proud to support the GB Para-Climbing Team by providing athletes with physical therapy as they train towards national and international competitions.
We use a variety of physical therapy modalities to treat these athletes ranging from hands-on physical therapy techniques (Photo) to more structurally supportive techniques such as Kineso Taping (Photo) to assist the athlete with rehabilitation programs post injury.
Working with athletes with complex disabilities is both rewarding and exciting for us. The athletes are regularly assessed and screened for injuries as well as screening for any slight dysfunction over and above their disability which may affect their climbing performance. We work alongside the team management to ensure the athletes are both fit enough and safe enough to compete at high levels.
The knowledge, skills and experience acquired through working with such talented individuals has helped our practice enormously as we can pass on many experiences to our regular clients so that they can benefit from our time spent with this team. If you are an athlete from any discipline, whether elite, club or just recreational you can be assured of our utmost attention to your condition. We aim to treat all our clients to the same high standards expected by our GB para climbers.

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